What We Do


The Centre For Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP) is an attempt to bring together various practicing dance therapists of India. Our mission is to use dance as a therapeutic medium through which help can be offered to children and adolescents with learning difficulties and other disabilities as well as adults with mental health issues. CDMP aims to work towards stress alleviation with the neuro-typicals as well.

At Centre For Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP), each child is encouraged to develop intellectually, personally, socially and emotionally for creating a life of self reliance and self confidence. The strategies we use for our inclusive program are:

  • Mainstream Schooling
  • Special Education using Montessori Curriculum
  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • Developmental Therapy

“It’s not easy to describe the experience of working with a child with special needs. From the outside, it may look challenging and stressful but it is a wonderful experience of evolution and personal growth.”

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