Dance and movement is a basic way by which an individual can express oneself through his/her body. By moving to music and rhythm spontaneously, we become aware of ourselves, of our emotions, the fears we have, our expression, our bodies, our confidence and self- esteem issues. It helps us look at our attitude and take a good look at the way we behave and work in set ways. Our idiosyncratic movements and body language have a direct effect on our personality, behaviour and relationship with the environment.


Dance Movement Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy that uses movement to support our integration on all levels- emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual. All our experiences, from the earliest beginnings, are stored in our bodies, so this is the starting place from where we begin our journey.


Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP) session includes:


  • Individual sessions – Every session is tailored to the individual client’s needs. There is always time to talk at the beginning and end of sessions, with some gentle moving encouraged, although not obligatory. The range of movement activities may include moving to music (but not always), simple movement exercises, using props (i.e. cloths and objects), as well as playful interaction drawing on stories, songs and symbols.
  • Group sessions- In addition to dance movement therapy practices, sessions will include talking, mindfulness practice & use of art materials. The group is suitable for children, adolescence and adults of all ages, and is equally appropriate for those who are comfortable dancing and moving, and those who are terrified of moving. Appropriate music of the group’s choice may be played in the background to provide structure, rhythmic synchrony and a sense of comfort among members


The internship Program at Centre for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP)   seeks to reach out to young students who have a keen interest in experiencing the unique and inclusive environment of learning provided here. It offers an opportunity to learn, discover and enhance their skills.


The interns also get an opportunity to interact with children with extra needs which subsequently leads to a greater sense of sensitivity and empathy towards such children. The inclusive nature provides warmth and can help in developing greater levels of social skills. This Program has a winter and a summer version. The nature of this internship makes it an enriching experience and provides a platform to enhance ones academic knowledge.


Such a collaboration of ideas, knowledge and experiences can provide desirable benefits not only to students but to the Organization at large too. This internship will not only provide skills to the interns but will also contribute to the society. Centre for Dance Movement Psychotherapy, through such internship Programs wants to accomplish its goal of creating a more sensitized society. So all those young minds who want to experience this one of a kind work environment. Please send us your CV at for further details.


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