How It Works

What is the Role of the therapist?


  • To develop a safe and trusting relationship between the member and therapist.
  • To support and encourage the member’s movements by either mirroring, suggesting or empathetically observing and acknowledging movements.
  • To give space and allow free-association of movement.
  • To use movement analysis and observation tools to understand how the individual relates to
  • Themselves and others in the environment.
  • To allow and encourage the bringing of various emotions to the room.


The therapist uses various exploration methods such as: play, rhythm, ritual, music, vocalization, mirroring, props, art and drawing during sessions.

The session structure is as follows: (Chacian Model)


  • Warm-up
  • Theme and Movement development process
  • Closure



While establishing a relationship. And working towards formation of a body image.


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